Thursday, September 15, 2005

I've been blogged about! Morgan posted this...

...and Eric posted this.

Thank you, guys!

This could so easily turn into a Kelly Clarkson fan-blog: Kelly did a great job, although ill, with the Ray LaMontagne song "Shelter" on Saturday's big MTV, etc. Katrina telethon. I remember first hearing Ray on my friend's car stereo in a hotel parking lot in Danvers, MA. (Although I must say, there certainly are a lot of songs by that name. A great Lone Justice song comes to mind.) You can check it out here -- go to "React Now" and then also download some of the other performances. I highly recommend Green Day's and Beck's.

I just signed up for CD Baby's digital distribution service.


Blogger sea said...

Kelly is great. She's like the unhip but cute gal in school. The one you'd pass notes to without fear.

She's got a nice voice and I feel like her heart is starting to align with her music. I imagine it's harder to do this when you sing but don't write much.

Now it's really turning into a fan blog. Yuck.

How about them Mets?

I couldn't let your first comment be a deleted one...

10:44 AM  

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