Saturday, October 15, 2005

So, last night I sat down to finish this very old song, "Light Blue Love." I dunno, it's kind of an 80s title, but the whole song hinges around it so I don't think it can be changed. The chords are kinda 90s, but they're fun and it's fun to play. Turns out all it needs is a bridge and an ending, so I'm trying to drag it into the present day musically and thematically with these parts, which may or may not end up being awkward. I think I've got the bridge, it just needs some more words, and I don't think the ending will be hard. What was giving me musical energy, oddly, was the Angels' home run towards the end of last night's game. They ended up losing, but maybe it was a combination of the nice LA night (it was a rainy NJ night); Cabrera's 2-run homer that pushed me over the edge into fandom; and Mike Scioscia having dated Belinda Carlisle, thus giving off Go-Go vibes. Plus of course the fact that I'd promised the blogworld that I'd do it!


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