Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, this worked...not. I haven't been here in a month, and no songs were finished. More were started, which is I guess good, but they're all scattered about in saved messages and memos on various phones, and interrupting journal entries, and need to be gathered up. Also, it's bananas how easy it is to not blog. I will now run around picking up the bits of The Scattered Songs:
1. Song about that thing where you have a very meaningful dinner or lunch in a restaurant with someone, and then you stand up to leave and you've forgetten where you were, and you look around at everyone and are like, why are they all acting normally? I wrote a bunch of actual lyrics to this in my journal.
2. Song called "Wake Up Crying"'s basically self-explanatory but it has a line "you're the mastermind of me" or something like that. Part of the tune of this is one of the saved messages.
3. I just tried to listen to the other saved song-message, and ended up deleting it. I think I know what it was, though...part of the namesake song of this blog...let me see if I remember it...yup, got it. Just a little scrap of tune, but it's still lodged in there.
A tricky business, this.

There is another sort of musical thing happening. We're working on a video for "Land of My Baby." It will have cats and clouds and water in it.

I'll be setting up some gigs for the spring. I'm looking for interesting places to play in New Jersey, in addition to the usual spots.

I'm also signing up for Pure Volume.


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