Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Progress! "Wake Up Crying" is, I'd say, 25% done, and I like it. I'm trying as I always do to make it something someone else could sing; this intention is usually felled by my tendency to put some kind of weird, neurotic line in the song that would make Lee Ann Womack say, "Hmmm. That's kinda creepy." I have to say the most fun musical part of my week was playing along with the R. Adams Cold Roses CD, for an hour, with S., having a wonderful time. I will tell you, Ryan Adams likes B minor. A lot. The songs aren't super-hard, but they're super-good, which makes you all the more jealous of him! Anyways, I count this Ryan-session as musical progress too. And it felt great.

Also I found this old song called "Feather Duster" on my computer; I'd totally forgotten about it. It's not bad; might make it into the March 5.


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