Sunday, June 25, 2006

Obsessed with If you don't know about 'em, they create radio stations for you based on artists and songs that you like. They match music based on The Music Genome Project, a system they devised for breaking down music to hundreds of small, DNA-like elements. So, say you make a station based on an'll hear tons of stuff from that artist, not just hits but album tracks from all over his/her career, plus other similar artists. I have one station that's a mishmash of Ryan Adams, Kelly Willis and Neil Young, one called "Chanteusi" that's Jo Stafford and Doris Day, and a soul one based solely (soul-ly?) on Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. You can endlessly play with the stations, adding, subtracting, etc. Thank you to Sue for introducing me to them.
Speaking of Neil, I've always known I was going to have a Neil phase...I've known this since I was 5 or so and my Dad was into "Are You Ready for the Country." I've been waiting for the phase; it never quite came because I was always falling for things that were "easier." But here it is now, ushered in in part by the Heart of Gold movie. Amazing items: "Don't Let it Bring You Down" from 4-Way Street, and the Harvest Moon album, which it turns out I own (when you merge your CDs with someone else's, you're not always totally aware of what you have, and thus make discoveries in your own living room).
One more thing: S. recently mastered the soundtrack to Another Gay Movie. It is of course called Another Gay Soundtrack. It's totally great, with very disparate tracks blending together in a Garden-State-ish way. (I must say a few of the tracks are on the adults-only side.) There is this one song called "This is Love," by the band sELF. When this song comes on, I must dance; if I'm sitting down, I must do hand motions. There is also a Nancy Sinatra song made just for the film, this incredible song called "Fuego" that's in Spanish, and an astounding song called "See the Stars" by the Myrmidons which you can hear at their MySpace page. I'm sure I'll have more on this later. OK, bye.


Blogger komfo,amonan said...

Yes, rocks. And it swings. It does what you want it to do. Also? I didn't know you were a Mets fan; we (i.e. Phila.) have been chewing you up, but of course the Divison belongs to you.

The cd is beautiful.

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