Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well, thanks to reader encouragement on the title, I was somehow inspired to work on the song "Hang Out With Me Tonight," and it truly is almost done! I remember now how I got myself to write lots of songs when I first started doing it...I really, really had to say something; I was desperate to explain something or to just get it out there. (Isn't it crazy that I had to remind myself of that? And I've had to do it over and over, too.) Kind of like how some people feel about blogging, probably. So, here's one of the sort of dark lines from the song: "From this sweet little spot/we can see a lot/and let's hope/we can enjoy it/after all of things we've been through." That's probably the darkest's an uplifting song, I swear!
I've been listening to a lot of radio...WNTI in Hackettstown is a station that I love; many's the time they've accompanied me on a morning drive through trees and twisty roads. Also WBGO, right in the heart of Newark, is often the only thing that will let me chill. Both have contributed to the Coolifying of NJ for me.
Saw Walk the Line finally, and the best part of the whole thing are the performance scenes, where they're singing together, and it's that thing where they know they sound great together and they're just totally getting it right, and of course falling in love. I also agree with the lady walking out of the theater behind us who said, "I loved her outfits!"


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