Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's almost Grammy time, and then it will be Oscar time. I have, like many people, a crazed love of awards shows, mostly because I just love to see what people wear and say and do, and I do kind of like the pomp of it. I know, I know, say what you will. But some artists are just very rewarding on awards shows; for example, Alison Krauss will usually roll her eyes at the camera or something goofy, and then the next minute go out and sing and look totally hot in a see-through dress, and then the next minute win Female Vocalist of the Year or something. (That would be on the CMAs, which I know are not even on a lot of people's awards show radar, but loom large on mine.) If you like podcasts, there's a very funny one going now for NPR's All Songs Considered, with hilarious and blunt chatting re: the Grammys.
P.S., finished "Hang Out With Me Tonight." Yay. Now working on a song tentatively titled "Word Problem," about difficulty, well, um..."Just spit it out, Rebecca." Difficulty getting my point across sometimes. It's kind of a geeky title, but it may just be a lyric, not a title.


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