Thursday, April 06, 2006

I finished another song....nice, right? It needs a name, though. I named it for someone who I'd like to remain anon, so what we're looking for is a three-syllable, interesting but not too interesting, man or woman's name. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks! This song got written on a plane; it was one of those things where I had one idea, and absolutely forced myself to sit down and work on it, and then realized the theme was a lot like one of my other songs, and I took some of the lyrics and then steered the thing in another direction, and it just took off. It was one of those forcing things. Like forced flowers, which is something I'm always reading about but don't understand.

My new favorite site is This is where I used to get shareware, on the rare occasion that I went looking for it. Now they have this nice music section. I have a page on there, and lots of other music that you may want to listen to resides there. Like, the whole Transamerica soundtrack is on there, and it's great! You can purchase, or just stream over and over again (as you know, my favorite thing to do). There is a very neat little player; and the playlists the editors have assembled are really very cool. I'm listening to one (can't figure out how to link to it) called "Theo's Playlist: Anti-Artists" that has Bettye Lavette, KT Tunstall, and Neko Case on it. Oh, and I found a cool Eleventh Dream Day song on one. I could go on. Just throw your favorite artists into their search and see what you find! I haven't even fully explored the functionality of it, and I think it does a lot more than I've done with it yet. Anyways.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, some 3-syllable suggestions: Smokey Joe. Hamhocks Pete. Belinda. Wellington. Paddington. Boo-boo-man. Is the song really about Dan-Sall-itt?

12:08 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Thank you...I forgot to mention the accent had to be on the second syllable. Belinda is actually perfect, and I also thought of Andrea. (Pronounced like a gal I went to college with who's a great gal. Belinda would also have resonance, as one of my first musical heroines was Belinda Carlisle. I met her at a Licorice Pizza in 1982. "I like your hairband," I said.)

12:50 PM  

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