Friday, February 17, 2006

There is some music that is thrilling me. KT Tunstall's "Under the Weather" (watch the video; it has an excellent vintage trailer in it!). Ryan Adams' "29" (listen to this plus the whole album here ). DCFC's "Soul Meets Body" (listen to this, and also the great song "Crooked Teeth" at their My Space page). Just one DCFC thought: I understand I'm coming pretty late to them, and it's one of those instances where they got poppier, but that's find by me; I guess I first heard it on WNTI, soaring (borrowing a word from the song) through country roads at 7:15 a.m., and that will make you see the thoughtful side of anything. (Oh, also, if you go to the My Space page, turn off the video playing in the lower half of the page, otherwise it will play the video and the song at the same time.) It's funny, as I write this, I'm listening to the DCFC My Space page, and S. is downstairs listening to the Ryan "29" page. Oh, and a KT thought: the record has this glossy, airy English vibe where something can be very poppy but the absolute height of coolness at the same time (perhaps the Beatles invented that?). Anything to say re: Ryan? No, he just continues to amaze. I so want to see him live now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came through the back door to DCFC--I'd fallen in love with the Postal Service side project album first.

I think they are good, and it gladdens me that they've become so succesful, but for some reason I haven't quite made the leap to "fan" yet. It may simply be a matter of time.

But i'm with ya on Ryan A.--his prolificity alone wins my admiration.

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