Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blogging about mix CDs is one of my favorite things to do. So, the one we made Friday was a mix of great live tunes to go with our entry in a cake-decorating contest. The cake's theme was "rock show" and featured a truly lifelike pipecleaner band (complete with glitter pipe-cleaners, a magenta feather wrapped around the lead singer's neck, and a purple pom-pom wig on the guitarist), a gummy audience on a green-frosting lawn, and huge black stacks (computer speakers) blaring the "Cake Mix." The cake won second place in the "Most Original" category. The funniest thing was how lots of people were, like, hanging out by our cake, listening to it. Anyways, here are the tracks:
1. Rock and Roll All Night, KISS, from KISS Alive! (the last song on that album).
2. Hello There, from Cheap Trick's At Budokan (the first song on that album).
3. Ziggy Stardust, from the movie by that same name (which I wasn't really aware of, but this version rocks so hugely).
4. Jumpin' Jack Flash, from the Stones' Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (which was one of the cassettes of my Dad's that I played a lot in grade school).
5. The Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy, which I think would be really fun to cover! It's from Live and Dangerous. (I hear Paula's a big TL fan...)
6. Summertime Blues, the Who, from Live at Leeds. Yikes!
7. I Don't Know, by Ozzy, from Tribute. Ozzy was always a sentimental guy, the experts tell me.
We used this site to help us a bit. One thing that was kinda disappointing was that we couldn't find a good live Janis Joplin tune (the rule was that all the singers had to be someone who would wear a boa)...I wish I could have thought of other females for this purpose. You also may note we didn't have Frampton on there, as the clip we heard on iTunes of "Do You Feel..." just didn't sound all that compelling, and was too long. Also, the live Queen we found sounded like it just wasn't Freddie's best night. Anything else we missed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I can't bring myself to criticize what sounds like the best rock-n-roll cake ever, if you ever wanted to do a sequel, you could use somethng from the live Roxy Music album and the live New York Dolls album.

Where was this cake contest? Were the cakes then eaten, or preserved? I need more facts!!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I meant to say: because those bands were fond of sportin' the boas.

4:27 PM  
Blogger sea said...

It was a cub scout dinner. The cakes were preserved by photo, then served. We did salvage the stage as a trophy. New York Dolls certainly would have taken it up a notch, but still no ladies...?

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a cub scout dinner.

I gotta get myself invited to more of those. Or crash them.

but still no ladies...?

Honestly, my knowledge of live albums is scant because, aside from Ian Hunter's excellent Welcome to the Club, and Elton John's Here...and There, live albums leave me cold. "All the hits played faster," as CvB once quipped.

12:33 PM  

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